Friday, July 10, 2009

New Work - Hot Water - Dead Sea

I have been working on a big piece which I cannot really show on my blog as I am hoping it will be exhibited - if I finish it in time.

However - I recently made a smaller quilt for an exhibition in New Zealand on climate change - called A Change in the Weather. Mine is:

Hot Water - Dead Sea
$ 1600
150 cm x 50 cm

At the waters of the sea increase in temperature the sea will become more acid. Corals and molluscs will be unable to form shells and the reefs will die. For a while at least, coelenterates like jelly fish will fill the seas.

Cotton fabric, wool mix batting, layered appliqué, piecing.

Hot water dead sea IMG_6219.JPG

I do not often post things for sale - in fact I do not often even try to sell work as it is easier for me to sell classes and talks if I actually own most of it myself. I am a slow worker too. I seem to spend as much time thinking about the pieces as I do working on them.

The crosses are inserted in the piecing like a memorial for the dead coral reef.
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