Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Final Countdown

The packers have been. We have hardly any furniture. My cat wanders from room to room trying to find a bed to jump onto and uttering plaintive complaints.

Bob and I are leaving home. The children will stay.

Bob is an diplomat who has just been posted to Cairo. In the Australian service spouses claim that while we are interested, we will follow. I am following. Bob is also accredited to Syria, Sudan, Libya and Tunisia so this will be a really interesting posting, with a lot of travel thrown in. He was accredited to Tunisia in the days when we visited Jordan, so I have been there before. In those days we had two younger children, so I only managed one visit.

My blog will be a record of those travels, available to anyone who wishes to read it. I ask only that you pass on the address of the blog, not lumps of my text.

I had intended to run a Yahoo mail list for those who wished to receive emails from me. This involves much less work from me.

My dear friend and webmaster, Kate Andrews, has organised the site. It is up to me to send it an occasional email.

This is the first....testing....testing...
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