Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Stitcheries of Akmeem

I have been so busy - and away too - over the last few months. No apologies really, but I am sad about so much that I have not blogged including my textile tour of Egypt and Syria.

Now another textile related subject - the enchanting embroideries of Akmeem. Women are beingtaught some basic stitching and let go with threads and fabric to stitch what they see in these areas to make a little extra money for the household. The work is beautiful, bright and colourful, and full of fascinating glimpses into life in Upper Egypt (which always confuses me as it is south!).

Water Carriers by Eqbal Tewfic


The Lake by Naanaa Adib


The Pigeonhouse by Naanaa Adib


Summer Holidays by Awatef Sabet
I love the obvious observation of the way people appear when swimming in this one - bits and pieces just appear above the water.


My Life in the House by Sanaa Sabet
My favourite - and the smallest.
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