Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Syria, four days.

I am – and this is rare for me – struggling with so much to say that I am daunted by it. I think I cannot sort Syria into a logical sequence of events, impressions and photographs. What I will send is the muddle of glimpses of the colour and richness, the tastes and antiquity and the kindness and affection of our friends. No sequence, just bits and pieces as I write them up. While I am saying this first, it will eventually end as the last thing you read on Syria if you come to this blog only occasionally. Please see it as an explanation.

So many sights, so few words.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your writings are wonderful and I appreciate the effort you make to write of this great experience.
I hope it is all being saved somewhere for you -so all will be a there read for you to read & refelct on this time when you return to Aus.

8:01 am  

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