Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Anzac Day at Tobruk and beepers

If anyone would like to hear how my husband spent Anzac Day - have a look at this article in the Age.

They are all due here tomorrow night - and I will have every bedroom in the house full.

I am trying some serious displacement activity, and have just pinned a quilt upstairs.

I have been using my new machine and trying out the Stitch Regulator. You can set a beeper to tell you if you are going faster than the machine can keep up with. I don't use the beeper, as there is a split second on every swirl where I am just a micron too fast, and I actually cannot see a difference in stitch length. I was just being driven crazy by the somewhat dememted beeping.

As a method of coping it reminds me of last year when I took a service taxi to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. The taxi driver handed me two plastic wrapped things as we left Dubai. I thought they were lollies (and he was doing the 'before the plane takes off' thing) and thanked him. Then I realised they were ear plugs. I was still asking what they were for when he floored his foot on the accelerator and I found out!

Cars in the Emirates are fitted with a beeper that goes off if you go over 120 kilometres per hour. He screamed down that highway at about 150 kph with the beeper going flat out. It has just accurred to me that me deciding not to put the beeper on is a bit of the same solution as his handing me earplugs!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny:

Everything looks wonderful. I look forward to visiting --- and taking lessons!


10:19 am  
Blogger Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Jenny,
Iam really looking forward to the Aurora coming to Australia. I imagine that it may take a bit of getting used to.
Regards Helen

7:51 am  
Blogger Liz Needle said...

I am loving all your letters Jenny. Wonderful reading. The Aurora sounds like my cup of tea. Otto from Bernina in Adelaide was very interested to hear that you had gotten hold of one - he hasn't seen it yet. He commented that if an 'expert' like you had one, then it must be as good as he has been told.


11:40 pm  

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