Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My Studio

I once promised to send photos of my studio. I have the best arrangement I have ever had, two rooms that sit at the front of the house, almost on their own on our flat roof.

As I approach from the stairwell the one on the left is my studio. The laundry door is first, then the high stairs to the beautiful space I think of as the wind room – a small high pavilion open on all sides to catch the evening breezes. My studio is tucked under this.

On the right side of the roof is the room I think of as the reading room. I have kept it fairly free of clutter, but all my books are there, and it is set up as a quiet retreat. I have had my small sewing group up here, curled in chairs and reading. It has a wonderful high arched ceiling and feels utterly Middle Eastern – and I just love it. Between the two I have the perfect arrangement.

The reading room Detail of the reading room from the door
Reading room showing the high arched roof The studio door under the wind room
Working table and sewing machines Cutting table, drawers and the working table
The best stash cupboards I have ever had


Blogger Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Jenny,
What a wonderful studio and reading room. It looks like a great place to "get away from it all". My two favourite things,quilting and reading. Canbera weather continues to be just gorgeous but still no rain.
Regards Helen

7:30 am  
Anonymous Dorothy in Stratford, NZ said...

Thank you for the Anzac photos Jenny. I found this year's Anzac moving too. Your sewing room is awesome! You won't want to leave it when you come home. I love the reading room... a real 'snug'!

12:06 pm  
Anonymous Colleen in Bright said...

Colleen from Bright
Hi Jenny,
I love your studio and reading room it's fantastic. You inspire me, can't wait to participate in one of your classes. Love reading about your travels thankyou
Kind Regards

1:41 pm  

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