Thursday, March 03, 2005

Photos as promised...

German Names at the German Memorial
German names at the German Memorial

The Gardener at the War Cemetery
The Gardener at the War Cemetery

Australian Graves at El Alamein
Australian graves at El Alamein

Farmer's Wife
Farmer's wife

Pigeon Houses in a Farmyard
Pigeon houses in a farmyard

Snow White???
Snow White???

Fishers in the Salt Marsh
Fishers in the Salt Marsh

The Cleaner at the Citadel
The cleaner at the Citadel

Floor Detail in the Alexandria Citadel
Floor detail in the Alexandria Citadel

I Like Boats
I like boats

Washing the Boxes for Fish, and Adopting the Picturesque
Washing the boxes for fish, and adopting the picturesque

Boats and Fishermen
Boats and fishermen

Fishing Boats
Fishing boats


Anonymous Kt said...

The blog fairy's been and amalgamated Jenny's photos into one posting so you can see them all (and the previous couple of posts) on the front page. Sorry if anyone lost comments in the process!

9:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny

Thanks for sharing your experiences It is both entertaining & informative.Your desert photos were amazing.
Look forward to future postcards
Rosemary - NZ

7:46 am  

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