Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Work

I have started a series of pieces (ambitious when I have not even finished the first piece) based on portrait photographs I have been taking.

I have been really struck by the fact that my best friendships in Egypt have not been with the class I move in as a diplomats wife, but with the Egyptians I see regularly at other levels. These people are often not so well-off, but are kind and gentle people who will be the ones I remember best. In fact, the three drivers I use regularly are probably my best friends.

I want to work on quilts that document some of them.

Hashim is a boab (a guard, not the tree) at Sakkara. I rarely actually let my working life into the blog - but this time I thought I would show you a bit of what I am doing. This is quite big - much more than life size. It gives me a slight shock whenever I walk into the dark studio if it is on the wall! I guess it is a metre and a quarter wide, and will be a bit longer when finished. His hands and arms are evocative and go in next. Then the rest of his galabeyieh.

Then I plan sections of the work which will give an idea of where he is - and I am hoping it will not feel kitsch so may avoid hieroglyphics and the more usual Egyptian references.

So - watch this space when I return from tomorrow's trip to Spain and Turkey.




Blogger Wild Thread Studio said...

I read your email and had to check out your work. Absolutely wonderful! Very expressive. This piece keeps pulling my eye to look more & more.
Denise Aumick

8:41 pm  
Blogger Sarah Ann Smith said... Lisa, I can't wait to see how he turns out. Already I can feel the heat and bright light...well done! Cheers, Sarah

9:32 pm  
Blogger Rufus and Ann said...

wOw! Would love to know the program you used to get the image that you are working from. I have tried to take a photo and do that several times...but couldn't get a great image to work with.

11:17 pm  
Blogger Twisted Sister said...

Wow. This is great. You really captured the realistic colors of his face and clothing. Amazing. I can't wait to see it done.
Jamie Fingal

11:47 pm  
Blogger flamingoquilting said...

I love your use of commercial and hand dyes in the same piece. Your work is stunning.

Anne Bartholet
Flamingo Quilting & Designs

2:14 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A-may-zing. Really. How utterly evocative of the man, and the artist I am utterly humbled, Jenny, by both your artwork, and your impressions of the world around you.
Rain in NC

5:09 am  
Blogger Joy Ely said...

Sunning, Jenny.
I have no idea why you would hesitate to post this... he's wonderful.
I agree with Sarah - I could feel the heat radiating off those stones.

Please post the finished piece!

Are you fusing each piece down, or are you sewing them down as you go?
Joy from QuiltArt

6:17 am  
Blogger Cairogal said...

Phenomenal...Do you work at Sakkara Language School? A few of my friends did time there in 2000-2001.

9:01 am  
Blogger Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for sharing your work with us it is just wonderful.

Today we have been promise rain.

Cheers Helen

9:20 am  
Blogger Marina said...

I'm in awe of your work always Jenny, but this looks like you're heading for a personal best, I think. Gorgeous. Marina, NZ

6:52 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely briliant, Jenny. I am just filled with admiration. Tena

3:35 pm  
Blogger Jenny Wren said...

Just beautiful
Charm cottage Quilts

8:11 pm  
Blogger Tonya R said...

Just incredible. I feel like I know him. I wish you would post more of your work in this blog.

I've finally made it to Paris. I'm hoping to get to the Carrefour exhibition in September and am thrilled to learn that you'll be there with Tentmaker Applique.

6:59 pm  
Blogger Nicole and Phil said...

this is looking absolutely stunning Jenny, thank you for sharing it with us!
P.S. sorry I repeated the question about the DJ quilt at Paducah on scq group...I didn't see your original post about it!

1:22 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jenny, thank you very much for sharing this work in process - it it incredibly evocative - hope to see the finished piece someday soon. Cheers, Gemia Jonscher (one of the women at AQC that ordered a quilt from the tentmakers - and it arrived and I'm thrilled with it!!!)

8:29 pm  
Blogger Kyra said...

What wonderful photos! Quite insprirational - Thanks for sharing!


11:20 pm  

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