Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Comments and contact

I have been asked to remove some comments from my blog - and I cannot work out how to do it. Comments are supposed to have a delete rubbish bin logo beside them - I cannot find it! I have tried refreshing to no avail.

Worst of all - I have been nominated for the Thoughtful Blogger Award twice - and I am not sure how to add links to respond.

I promise I am ignoring no-one. I just am severely limited technically.

Give me time and I will find someone to help me to suss it out!

For those who would like to contact me other than through the comments - there is a way. I am unwilling to list my email address on the blog - but if you follow the link to my website there is a contact link. It should be a gmail address. I am happy to be contacted - but I travel a great deal and might not answer promptly.


Blogger Cairogal said...

Hi Jenny:

In order to delete, make sure you're logged into Blogger. You can also click on the little Blogger icon(usually in the top right corner of your page) and that will take you either to a page where you enter your user name and pw, or it will take you to the Dashboard. Click "post" and you can see all your posts (if you're logged in) and delete comments from within there.

12:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Jenny,
Thank you for the absolutely great photos! I have lived in India, Nigeria and Oman (and visited Dubai often while in Oman)so I recognise the "feel". I love your stories and will come to visit with you more often now that I have found you!

Many warm regards,

12:36 am  

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