Thursday, February 07, 2008

Taxis and Tea

My beautiful daughter left tonight. I am feeling decidedly flat and a bit miserable.

We have had an unbelievably hectic week.

The household is shrinking fast. From eleven - actually no - one expected guest did not come so we had ten in the house - and now we are down to only four. Our house guests are aging now as the young ones leave and older ones replace them. It has just been delightful having our young ones here - Sam and Tabbi and my grandson Michael were all here through Christmas and Tabbi has just left.

More than two hundred were at the house Sunday night for a huge Australia Week launch.We have had the the Archaeology conference - Corroboree - and a museum party for the launch of the co-ordinating exhibition tonight. With my other hat on I also walked the board and friends and some staff of the American University of Cairo through Tentmakers to talk to them about the art and its makers.

Yesterday we had a visit to Sakkara for the archaeologists to see what Professor Naguib Kanawaty has been doing in Mereruka's tomb. More on that later. It means I saw the burial chamber again - a wonderful low point!! Then we hosted a dinner with a celebrity Aussie chef out at the Intercontinental at City Stars.

We had a function today at the house - a wine tasting for one hundred - in the evening.

Busy busy week!

This morning Tabbi and I took a taxi to my dentist - the last visit for a while - and as we got in the taxi pulled out then asked if we wanted tea. It turned out that he had a mug of tea held between his knees and was happy for us to swig from it. We managed to resist. I think the last thing I would want between my knees in Cairo traffic is a cup of boiling water!


Blogger Feather on a Wire said...

I love your little insights into embassy life. Wine tasting in a Muslim country? I'm amazed, I know Egypt is very liberal but even so.

England is wet and stormy at the moment, a quick break to a Red Sea resort would recharge the batteries but DH is determined we shall not pollute the planet and fly anywhere.

Are you doing any stitching?

7:10 pm  
Anonymous PQuilts said...


Your writing is a gift--thank you. I appreciate all of the descriptions of your life in Egypt, travels and adventures. When I read, I feel as though I am back in your class, listening to descriptions of the Tentmakers.

Will you teach again in Houston this year? I enjoyed your Arabesque class and would love more of your teaching.

Pam Zenick (fancy coffee to the rescue!)

2:28 pm  
Blogger Lisa Walton said...

Know you are so busy but I have tagged you. Regards Lisa

3:40 pm  
Blogger Alison Schwabe said...

OMG love the offer of tea thing.
And great pics taken by you and Tabi below, what a nice idea -

7:26 am  
Blogger aykayem said...

I thought I would give you somethign to do to take your mind of being lonely - LOL - so I tagged you ... but it seems that Lisa has also tagged you with the same B$^%&^% thing! LOL
... I guess that means that now you just have to do it!?!
(but I won't be offended if you don't - like Lisa said - you ARE rather busy at times)
details are on
btw ... I need 100 more hours in a day, so I have more time to read your blog and drool over all those wonderful photos and stuff!
(you and Tabbi both take some amazingly good photos!)

9:56 pm  

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