Monday, June 06, 2005

Lunch was served just before four o’clock, and this is not an unusual lunch time. Perhaps it was a bit later than usual as they were waiting for one couple to arrive. It was delicious, but to my surprise it did not feature fish.

Then came the best part of all. He let the ostriches out. They flounced like the front line at the Moulin Rouge, circling each other and dancing in pleasure at their freedom. I was amazed at how tame they were, happily coming over to the keeper, who was obviously very proud of them. They were only a year old and they must have been over six foot tall!

I will let the photos show you. Once again, be prepared to scroll through them even if they have pushed others off into the archives. I MISS my blog fairy. I actually discovered a horrifying typo in something I had already put up a few days back when writing about my flight with Kuwait. It was so bad that I was forced to work out for myself how to fix it – and I am very proud that I did. I had written that a young woman in nekkeb (full face cover) had a flap which allowed her to put food and drunks under the flap. I meant drinks of course, but could not leave it as it was. It would have been appallingly offensive. As a joke against me it is somehow more permissible.


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