Friday, May 20, 2005

Lamps and Domes

Lamps Lamps
Yesterday was spent exploring the area called Mohandisseen with two good friends. We did a gallery crawl, and I bought all sorts of little odds and ends, and have a few major purchases planned. I have been looking for a hanging light in a traditional style for my reading room with its beautiful domed roof. One of the things - or several of them actually, was a collection of brass "hands of Fatima". They are well known here as a "ward" a protection against evil, or the evil eye. These are great shapes, and I will hang them upstairs.

Carving the shapes Carved clay pieces await firing
We called in a little local pottery making lovely things, especially the pieces where the clay was intricately carved into Islamic patterns. I have to go back to this one!

Dome details Detail of Domes
We also found a gallery/antique shop with some really interesting paintings of domes of Cairo. I have photographed some here. I am embarrassed that I don't know the name of the artist. We thought we had it, then realised that the name on the corner of one painting (which I didn't photograph) did not match the name on the card we were given, and they are clearly the work of one person. However, I did ask permission to put these up when I was there, and was granted it. I will send the name when I have it.
Domes and Minarets Domes and minarets


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