Saturday, March 26, 2005

Mosque with the green door

Mosque with the green door
I found a beautiful green door, and the wall and minaret behind made it obviously a mosque. I knocked, and the guardian let me in. It was so pretty - not like the more stark and simple mosques of Old Islamic Cairo, this was decorated on every surface. It had simple marble columns throughout, and at the base of each column was a puddle of pale green worry beads for people praying to use. In fact, they are used like a rosary, and are very similar in form. I took about forty photographs. Every wall was tiled and there would have been twenty different designs. The mithrab was marble with twisting borders of inlaid stone flowers, the walls had stone carved borders at the highest edges, the ceiling was either pure white domes - at least fifteen - or beautiful dark carved and stained wood.
Mosque Mosque


Blogger Suzanne said...

Hi Jenny, I have just resubbed to SCQ after travelling Oz for 15 months in a caravan. I love your postcards, they are so wonderfully descriptive. Takes me back to when you were in Israel and sending postcards. Your photographs are inspirational. Take care.
Suzanne in Redland Bay

5:37 pm  
Anonymous Lyn Shipp said...

Catching up with your blog, love it, would like to see the rest of the photos as well, question, what is a mithrab? It sounds very Alice through the looking glass.Lyn in Perth,

8:30 am  

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